Dories Sta. Cruz

More than 10 years ago Dories went to Singapore to find herself, she somehow lost her heart doing what she was doing for 8 years as a Sound Engineer. Loudbox opened New Beginnings, Goals, Challenges and Hopes. Loudbox’s Trust and Faith in her made her realize that this is her passion. This is what she loves doing, this is who she is.
Dories says that in this Industry everyone is replaceable. Clients’ TRUST alone will keep you inspired in every project. AJ, her daughter, gets excited with what she does, so that keeps her inspired as well.

"Trust me… after working on soooooo many commercials for sooooo many years? YOU MAKE EVERY AD FUN. Your passion will keep you excited in every project."
Her advice to those going into the industry is that "skills can be taught, attitude can't."