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Audio production is both an art and a skill. It takes years of strenuous training and education to be qualified in the profession. In other words, not everyone is cut out for the job. Luckily, Loudbox Studios offer top-notch services and quick turnover times at affordable prices. Our skilled team of creative professionals provides our clients with all the audio production services they need!

Why Choose Us?

Loudbox Studios works with the best audio engineers, composers, arrangers, voice casters, and lyricists in the Philippines. By encouraging innovation and creativity in our team, we’ve consistently produced exceptional and diverse audio tracks for our clients. Equipped with the latest software and premium-quality equipment, Loudbox Studios fosters a space for creative expression. We know that each project is different, so we never take a one-size-fits-all approach! Loudbox brings your creative vision to life in a way that’s uniquely you. Our audio production company is here to satisfy you. We’re always open to feedback and collaboration with our clients – this is the secret to our award-winning, excellent work.
Audio Post Production Services /

Audio post production is essential for commercials, digital content, movies, and other forms of media. With the right post production team, you can enhance the listening experience of an audience and deliver your brand messages clearly.

Our audio post production services enhance raw audio tracks by adding or removing specific sound elements. We can also provide the following:
- Recording voiceover tracks
- Rearranging sequences of audio
- Refining audio tracks
- Normalizing volume levels
- Removing unwanted background noise
- Sound designing (generating synthetic effects, adding ambiance)
- Mixing (for songs, jingles, scores)
- Mastering (for final retouches)

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Music Production Services/

Producing music requires a balance of technique and creativity. Whether you need original music for a commercial, a movie, digital content, or any other form of media, Loudbox Studios has the right people for the job.

Our music production services help you create original melodies, distinct sounds, and meaningful lyrics. You can book us for:
- Composing music for songs, instrumentals, and jingles
- Arranging songs and instrumentals
- Writing lyrics
- Creating musical scores

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Voice Casting Services/

With a wide range of connections, our voice casting team never fails to find the perfect voice for our clients.

Through auditions and thorough screening, we can help you book a voice for your:
Advertisements (TV commercials, jingles, social media videos)
Audiobooks & e-learning materials
Dubbed material
Internal audiovisual presentations (for corporate settings or private events)

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Book Our Premium-Quality Audio Production Services

Loudbox Studios caters to all our clients’ needs and requests 24/7. With our experienced team and professional equipment, we can guarantee you the best audio production and recording services at affordable prices.
Recording Studio Rental

If you’re looking for a space conducive to composing and making music for advertising and commercial use, Loudbox Studios offers convenient recording studio rentals in Makati.
When you book one of our studios, you get to experience working with high-tech audio tools and produce tracks with amazing quality. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, our studio rentals have everything you need to create incredible work.

You can expect:
- Professional recording equipment
- Proper sound treatment
- A clean, quiet atmosphere
- Cozy interiors
- Air-conditioning
- Assistance from experienced sound engineers
- Optimal workspace for audio recording and editing

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